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SOGA Organic -
Just Squeezed & Freezed

The first and only certified organic citrus juice in South Africa,
grown produced and packaged in the Sundays river valley by SOGA Organic.

- Power of Nature -

Our 100% Organic Products

- Est. 2012

Facts About SOGA Organic

SOGA Organic®, the only certified organic citrus processor in South Africa, was born in 2012.

Besides supplying the International wholesale market, our vision to supply the local retail market with this unique product became a reality in December 2015 with the launch of our first two frozen orange juice products in only a handful of stores.  As a small niche company, we are always looking for new and innovative products to launch, so it is no surprise that we have launched a new product nearly every year.

- Sweet & Healthy -

Our Organic Gallery

We support environmental awareness, just business practices,
and health and our selections illustrate that.

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We only use Certified Organic citrus from the four SOGA Growers.

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